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The Itching Wall

Got an itch that drives you batty? D0 hives, rashes, urticaria, ecezma, dry skin or allergies cause you to lose sleep? Find comfort from another itcher as she shares her itching dramas at her wailing wall! If you want to sooth an itch or two for her, itch a stone while visiting & leave your scratching mark.
An unorthodox way to market your business online!

Helping Others Find Their Allergy Trigger / Cure

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The MIRACLE Cure For Me!

IT’s a MIRACLE!  Finally, I found my allergy trigger and here’s the story…

I went to the UBC Skincare Clinic and the doctor there had a look at my rash and poked around my head for a minute with his fingers.  He then says to me, “Do you use a dandruff shampoo?” To which I stated “No, I don’t have dandruff!”   He says “Yes, but it looks like you’ve picked up a dander somewhere and this could be causing your allergic reaction which result in your chronic rash.”

So he prescribes me Nizoral Shampoo which you can buy over the counter at any grocery store, tells me to use it every other day or so for 3 weeks and report back to him.

I left his office thinking to myself that this was just another suggestion that would show me no resolve.  Saying that though, I try anything everyone says to try (you would too if you had a rash like mine) and much to my disbelief, within 2 weeks my rash was starting to clear up and I’ve been clear for the past year!

I did have one rash breakout in June/08 when I went to a conference in North Carolina.  It was allergy time there in the air and obviously there was a trigger for me.  But once I got home, everything cleared up 100%.

I have not had a rash since!

If you are reading this with a rash like mine, please NEVER GIVE UP!  Keep going to new doctors and taking their advice and maybe one day, you’ll have a simple cure like mine was. You are not crazy and never let anyone tell you that!  Believe in yourself and one day, you’ll find a solution to your itch.

Great Summer

Well, this time last year I was in the hospital on a steroid drip trying to rid of my hives. But this year someone must be looking over me since I have hardly any hives at all. The only time I have them is when I sweat (sleeping, going to gym, etc.).

Not sure why the sudden change, could be moving into the new house helped since its not full of mold or dust.  Or maybe it has something to do with the new multivitamins I take that a client of mine sells.  Or maybe my 7 year bout with this allergy or whatever it is has finally had its run.  I’m not one to ask and just glad it is clearing up!  I don’t even remember the last time I took an antihistimine.

I’ve been going to the UBC Skin Clinic which is one of the top skin clinics in Canada. One of my doctor’s suggestions there was to try Nizoral (dandruff shampoo) for a month to see if it wasn’t my own dander that was giving me a reaction. I’ve been doing that now for a month but no major change.

The doctor gave me this great creme for dry skin though that is super cheap and one of the first creams to ever work for my dry skin. You have to ask the pharmacist to order it for you but you can buy over the counter. It is called aqueous creme and is actually the base cream that the pharmacy uses for most of their prescription cremes. Anyhow, works great and come is a huge tub for around $8 so you don’t have to use it sparingly.

Overall though, I’m 80% better than I was a year ago this time. The rash seems to have left my face too which was the worse part. When the rash does flare up, it appears on my arms, neck and legs now which is a better spot for me since it can be hidden whereas on my face I couldn’t hide it.

Summertime Breeze & No Sneeze

Well the summer has brought with it no more huge major hive outbreaks. I’m actually feeling well lately with only small outbreaks of hives on my shoulders/frontal chest, wrists, elbows and knees. My face has just a small version of my usual hives and feels/looks pretty good for a change. The changes I’ve done in the past month are taken caffeine out of my system and only drink decaffinated now. Somewhere I read dry skin was associated with lack of Vitamin D and I know that caffeine depletes this out of your system. I also started on some high dosage vitamins, flaxseed oils, omega-3s, etc. I must pop 50 vitamins per day.

Things are much better to cope with now that I’m getting better sleeps since I am not itching every single night. Seems to heighten though around my menstrual cycle. That is the only trigger I have lately.

Back on a Vitamin Kick!

A client of mine who does consulting surrounding stress recommended a new vitamin regime which I started today:

Ultra-Preventive 10 Multi-vit I stopped taking these temporarily until my UVB treatments are done since they are over the top in Vitamin A which results in my skin burning in the lights.

Opti-DHA fish oils

Relora-Plex Adrenal Support

Quercitin/ Bromelain

Stress Plex Forte

Probiotic 4000 7497

I am taking the recommended dosage on each bottle currently and we
‘ll see how that goes.

After reading quite thoroughly about the mineral Tyrosine, I also decided to start taking this supplement. Since I have, I find my feet and hands are not freezing cold anymore.

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